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Chammy Cosmetics

Chammy Cosmetics was launched in spring 2022 to bring you Korean beauty products: skincare, haircare, and make-up. We aim to introduce you to and support you to feel beautiful.

Korean Beauty products are rated among the best in the world. The Korean Beauty routine is different from the European beauty routine. It is more thorough, and the products are very lightweight and will not weigh down the skin. The ingredients used are raw, natural, and organic. That sets them apart from others. Using serums and essences sets the Korean beauty routine apart from the European one.


As the Korean Skincare routine is continuously evolving, we are focusing on brands that are complying with these criteria:


Chammy Cosmetics is a family-owned company.
Lee Wan-Sung (Sander Boxsem) is a Korean adoptee who came to The Netherlands at three years old. He has an extensive background as a supply chain specialist in import and export and credible knowledge of the chemical industry. He is married to Mariëlle and has two young adult children, who all enjoy helping and supporting the company.

cruelty free, vegan, cosmos organic, EWG, FSC
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B2B Wholesale 

Chammy Cosmetics works closely with various partners to expand and share our and their business.

If you are interested in selling products we sell, please contact us directly.​

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About our Partners

Hey!Hallyu brand logo


K-Pop Albums & Merchandise

areum brand logo

Areum Bakery

Korean 'Ugly' Cookies

Shop d"ho brand logo

Shop d'Ho

Korean Food & Goods

About our Brands

nacific brand logo


NACIFIC utilizes the energy of nature, comforts and relieves the skin as well as focuses on applying impression. Excluding all ingredients that cause irritation and allergy, NACIFIC cares about you and your skin. "The Beginning of Natural Beauty" concentrates on your inborn beauty and devotes themselves to satisfying your delight in nature.

We Sell Hope brand logo


WeSellHope continuously uses more sustainable and eco-friendly materials, starting with protecting healthy soil and oceans. By returning to natural, all-vegan, and free-from-animal-testing products, WSH provides rest and comfort to the skin. WSH also includes products made for athletes and sports fanatics.

Derma J Brand logo

Derma J

Derma J is a cosmeceutical brand created by dermatologists. They provide safe and hypoallergenic functional products, committed to healthy and beautiful skin. By using familiar and minimalistic ingredients, Derma J is suitable for daily use, especially after professional skin treatment.  

YEPRE brand logo


The earth is the source of life with abundant resources. Ye:pre conducts research into natural energy originating from the earth which works on the skin. Ye:pre’s No. 1 rule is to exclude ingredients harmful to the human body. Ye:pre uses nothing but mild ingredients full of energy to help boost the innate power of the skin.

Korea Bio Health brand logo

Korea Bio Health

Korea Bio Health is actively researching and developing the future of advanced health foods of the Medi-therapy types that can help to protect and maintain a high quality of life with honest, safe, and reliable products.

ultru brand logo

Ultru - I'm Sorry for My Skin

Ultru - I'm Sorry for My Skin is a new skin detoxification solution for daily toxicity and skin stress. Ultru takes a closer look at your daily life and proposes a new skin detoxification solution for stressed skin from toxic elements in urban areas and from various addictions in daily life. Don’t feel sorry. Leave it to us.

SimplyO brand logo


Clean Life Promise by SimplyO

SimplyO’s mission is to make clean life easier by implementing healthy and sustainable products. Letting people think about what products they want to put on their skin, and how it affects planet earth in the long run. 

ecolline brand logo


Ecolline is a wellness brand offering organic cosmetics for a healthy balanced lifestyle. Including safe, green ingredients that are soft on the skin, Ecolline offers skin-friendly vegan products. They are committed to creating sustainable products and packaging to ensure people and nature live healthily together for a long time; Ecolline uses eco-friendly and recyclable materials, including wood-free paper.

Della Born Brand logo

Della Born

DELLA BORN, meaning 'precious birth', is a clean skincare, cosmetics and inner beauty food brand, using only skin-friendly ingredients that correspond to premium collagen. Representing Korea as a collagen brand, wanting to protect Korean skin from the four seasons, DELLA BORN found its answer in the sea. Bring your skin rhythm to life with DELLA BORN's unique skincare routine.

puritual brand logo


Puritual is for skin, hair, and the Earth, and transforms our customers with our sustainable, scientifically proven collagen-infused lifestyle essentials. By using a multifunctional scientifically proven collagen cloth it delivers moisture care, anti-bacterial protection, UV-blocking, a cooling sensation, and long-lasting deodorization.

Puritual receives effortless beauty by simplifying customers' skin and hair care routines and enhancing their well-being with washable and durable collagen lifewear and pillowcases.

Puritual implements zero-waste initiatives like upcycled collagen yarn, biodegradable packaging and non-toxic, eco-certified materials.



Patience and time are required to get satisfying results from skincare products. NOLAHOUR is a brand that conveys a lovely time for your skin with healthy, clean, and vegan ingredients. We strongly believe that our skin should absorb healthy ingredients like we intake healthy food to stay fit. It also means ‘surprising’ in Korean which depicts the marvelous results of NOLAHOUR products.

Care:nel brand logo


CARE:NEL is derived from the Greek word Karren Carren, meaning "pure". Carenel researches and manufactures focusing on the fundamental control of various skin issues by incorporating raw wasong (와송) extract. Carenel's quality control QC ensures trustworthy product manufacturing.



Bluefeel is a small-appliance startup company in South Korea. Bluefeel began its journey in 2017 when it spun off from Samsung Electronics' in-house venture in recognition of its innovative technology and ideas.

Our first priority is to find and solve everyday inconveniences people have unconsciously become used to while using small appliances. We find inconvenient habits people take for granted using home appliances and research and develop possible solutions to the habits caused by the products.

Beginning with Minihead Fan, a handheld fan with innovative features that changed trends in the portable fan category, Bluefeel has introduced amazing products to inspire the world. Until we are not able to find any inconvenience existing in home appliances, our commitment will not stop.

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